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China-Mexico High-Level Working Group Signed Outcome Document and Agreed to Expand Mutually Beneficial Economic and Trade Cooperation in the 9th Meeting

On the morning of 20th August, Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of Commerce and Deputy China International Trade Representative and Luz María de la Mora, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade in the Mexican Ministry of Economy co-chaired the 9th Meeting of China-Mexico High-Level Working Group via video. Wang Huijun, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Jose Luis Bernal, the Mexican Ambassador to China as well as representatives from more than 20 institutions including Chinese and Mexican local governments, Zhejiang Province of China and business associations also attended this meeting.

Wang Shouwen quoted President Xi that epidemics are a common enemy of humanity. and unity and cooperation are the most potent weapon to overcome them. In response to the epidemic, China and Mexico have worked together to overcome difficulties with bilateral economic and trade cooperation bucking the downward trend, outperforming the pre-epidemic level and showing strong resilience and vitality. In the first half of this year, bilateral trade increased by 46%, China’s investment in Mexico increased by 95%, multiple key projects have been implemented, cooperation scope has been continuously expanded, and vaccine cooperation has yielded fruitful results. China is also willing to strengthen cooperation with Mexico on digital economy and green transformation, two key drivers for global economic growth, to promote high-quality development of economic and trade cooperation. As China and Mexico are two large developing countries and important emerging economies, China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with Mexico in multilateral affairs and jointly maintain stable and unblocked supply chain and industrial chain. China welcomes Mexico to participate in China International Import Expo and share China’s development opportunities.

De la Mora thanked China for its support to the Mexican people in combating the epidemic with Chinese vaccines now accounting for nearly one-third of Mexico’s total vaccination. Mexico regards China as an important economic and trade partner and priority direction, and expects balanced bilateral trade development, enhanced inspection and quarantine and customs cooperation and more productive investment from China. As Mexico and China share promising prospects for cooperation in green development and digital economy, the two countries should form greater strategic synergy and step up policy coordination. Enterprises in the two countries will be encouraged to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in keys areas such as clean energy, electric cars and new infrastructure construction. Mexico is willing to work with China to promote international logistics cooperation, and will actively participate in the country exhibition and business exhibition of the 4th CIIE to export more quality Mexican goods into the Chinese market.

The meeting achieved practical results written in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry Of Commerce Of China and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico on the Establishment of a Joint Working Group on Investment Cooperation signed by the two parties. China and Mexico agreed to accelerate the negotiation and signing of MOUs on investment and cooperation in green development and digital economy. The two sides will also update the China-Mexico investment agreement and strengthen Covid-19 response cooperation. The two countries aim to promote trade and investment facilitation, deepen multilateral cooperation and jointly ensure the openness, stability, security and smoothness of the supply chain and industrial chain.

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